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Ductless Systems: The Beginnings of Better Efficiency and IAQ

Most homeowners in Charleston, South Carolina, are likely used to the standard, everyday HVAC system. These standard systems are known as a “forced-air systems,” and generate air using fans. Conditioned air is then distributed throughout a home via a network of ducts. While standard systems do their jobs well, innovation in the industry has led

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4 Ways to Boost Your HVAC System’s Energy Efficiency

Saving money on the heating bill is at the forefront of South Carolina homeowners’ minds during the winter. If you’re looking to improve your HVAC system’s energy efficiency during the cold season in Park Circle, it’s good to know that there are several things you can do to ensure your system is working optimally. Set

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A Frozen Evaporator Coil Can Spell Trouble

We are about a week into the start of the fall season, and thankfully we are seeing much cooler temperatures in the Hanahan area. However, there will still be a few days in which temperatures might still be warm and you might occasionally rely on your air conditioner. If you did not schedule maintenance service

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Weatherize Your Windows for the Sake of Energy Efficiency

As summer continues to heat up, your concerns about home energy efficiency naturally increases. Windows are a great and easy place to start when weatherizing your home. A lot of energy can be lost through leaky window frames and thin glass panes during these hot days of summer. Weatherizing your windows therefore begins with looking

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High Tech Heat Pumps Boost Energy Efficiency in Charleston

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient electric heating systems available. When you upgrade to a high efficiency heat pump with advanced features, the energy savings are even more significant. Keep reading to see which features would benefit your North Charleston home. Heat Pump Basics Heat pumps are available in many sizes, types and

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Air Purifiers and the New Healthy Home Technologies

Indoor air often contains several times more pollution than outdoor air, and this pollution can quickly rise to toxic levels in a home that’s inadequately equipped to handle the waste particles of everyday life. In addition to employing best practices to boost indoor air quality and properly ventilate your home, investing in an air purifier can help

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Need a Service Call or New System Installation?

We want to make it affordable and easy to have your HVAC equipment serviced or repaired. Should you need a new AC installation or a new heater, we’ll work with you to stay within your budget.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready with the latest information about programs that you can take advantage of to save you money on new heating and cooling equipment for your home.

Ask us how you can take advantage of limited time rebates, and financing options (available with approved credit)
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