Commercial AC Installation Improves Customer Satisfaction

Choosing a New Commercial HVAC Installation

May 28, 2024

A commercial air conditioner can improve employee productivity by contributing to a comfortable work environment. This is why you need a reliable Ac system regulating indoor temperatures and providing good indoor air quality. Here are four things to consider when choosing a new commercial AC system to install at your property in North Charleston, SC:

Size of the Commercial AC Installation

Commercial air conditioners are available in various sizes depending on the space you intend to cool. A service technician can perform a Manual J load calculation based on factors such as climate, occupation, size of building and weatherization levels.

Installing an oversized or undersized system can result in uneven temperature regulation and poor humidity control. A larger system has excess capacity and can rapidly cool your building. The lack of gradual temperature adjustment can result in hot or cold spots.

The system will quickly reach the cooling load. As a result, temperature swings prompt the system to start a new cycle soon after completing another. These are short cycles, which contribute to increased wear and tear on the system.

On the other hand, an undersized system won’t have enough capacity to cool your space. It’ll have to run longer to try to deliver the set temperatures, leading to higher energy use. It can also result in uneven or inadequate temperature control, which can cause poor indoor comfort.

Type of Commercial Air Conditioner

You can choose from various types of AC systems to install on your commercial property. A multi-split system can be ideal if you want temperature control in individual rooms. It has a single outdoor unit that connects to multiple indoor units.

All the indoor units have individual temperature control. The occupants of the room can set the temperature that’s comfortable for them.

Alternatively, you can choose a packaged unit, especially if your building doesn’t have a crawl space or basement. This system has all the components in one metal cabinet placed outside the building.

There are also single-split systems that are ideal for smaller commercial buildings. Ensure you consult an HVAC technician for guidance on the system that perfectly fits your commercial needs.

Commercial AC Installation Location

It’s important to consider where you need an HVAC service technician to install your system before choosing a model. The size and purpose of your building can influence the installation location. Some systems have units that work when inside the building, with some components outside.

You can choose a commercial rooftop system or one installed on a concrete block. Ensure the location you decide on is well-shaded and away from direct sunlight. It should also have free airflow without obstacles within at least two feet of the unit.

Energy Efficiency of the Commercial Air Conditioner

Energy efficiency is a priority when choosing a commercial AC system. It’s the ability of a system to convert most of the fuel into energy to provide the desired temperature with minimal waste. An energy-efficient system can help save money on utility bills.

For cooling, check the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and choose a model with a higher rating. SEER ratings can reach as high as 28.

Consider these factors when finding an air conditioner for your commercial property, then schedule an installation appointment with a professional service technician. At Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide commercial HVAC services, including installation, repair and maintenance, so contact us today to start enjoying energy-efficient comfort all year. We’ll help you boost employee morale and customer satisfaction so that your business succeeds.

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