Hide Your Outdoor Unit

6 Clever Ways to Hide Your Outdoor Unit

June 28, 2018

There’s no getting away from the fact that you need an HVAC system in Hanahan, South Carolina. The summers here can be brutal. Although it’s essential to have air conditioning in the Charleston area, they don’t always make the prettiest garden accessory. If you enjoy DIY, here are some creative and clever ways to hide your ugly outdoor HVAC unit and keep your yard looking fresh.

Cover It With a Wooden Box

The simplest way to mask your outdoor unit is to build a box around it using slatted wood, pallet wood or wood decking. If you decide to build a solid structure, leave ample room around the HVAC unit to allow airflow. Finish it with a wood stain to add richer color, sheen and to help protect the wood from weathering. To pretty up a plain looking box, why not place a pot plant on top to add a pop of additional color?

Hide It Behind a Screen

Another simple way to hide an outdoor unit is with a screen. Depending on the style of your garden, you could go for a screen made of bamboo or old window shutters. Or you could go down the route of recycling old doors and painting them to add a splash of color. Other alternatives include wicker partitions, trellis, picket fencing, or wrought iron that you can use to grow vines and keep your space looking stylish.

Use Tall Plants

You can always decide to hide a HVAC unit by tucking it behind tall plants or hedges. Hedges like the privet or arborvitae, or trees like spruces and pines, can work to make an extremely attractive covering.

Keep a small pathway clear for easy access to the unit when you need to complete maintenance or repairs. Don’t plant your greenery too close to the unit either. It’s generally a good idea to leave approximately two to three feet around it as this helps air circulate around the unit.

Buy a Garden Sculpture

Placing a garden sculpture in front of your HVAC unit is a quick way to distract the eye and add interest to your garden. Not only is your outdoor space going to look more sophisticated but it also helps to infuse some of your own personality into your garden. If you want to make a bold statement, go for a sculpture that’s taller than the unit. It’ll act as a dramatic garden feature and instantly draw the eye of any visitor.

Build an AC House

For a seasoned do-it-yourself person, you can get really creative and build a custom-made AC "house" that’s complete with a roof and small door. For easy access, use lightweight material like wood lattice so that it’ll be easier to lift the house up when your service technician needs to perform repairs. You can also add decorative elements, paint it a bold statement color, or grow some pretty flowers around it.

Get a Cover With a Built-in Seat

If your HVAC unit occupies space on your patio, this is a genius way to hide it. Build a box around the unit, and add a seat next to it complete with a comfy cushion and decorative throw pillows. If you want to take it further, accessorize it with a pot plant. You could also always just leave it as a clear space for visitors to place their drinking glasses during your garden parties.

The possibilities to get creative in disguising an unsightly outdoor HVAC unit are endless. They can really make a difference to your outdoor living space. These are just a few tricks to dress or hide your bulky unit. Remember, when building a structure around your outdoor unit, make sure it does not impair the functioning of the unit or restrict airflow.

If your HVAC unit needs replacing, call Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning at (843) 277-6030. We can help you install a new unit before you build a structure around it.

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