Commercial HVAC Making Employee Uncomfortable

Is Your Commercial HVAC System Affecting Your Employees?

August 28, 2022

Factors like pay and poor working conditions influence employee efficiency and productivity. However, employers tend to overlook an HVAC system’s role in this issue. Here are the ways in which your commercial HVAC system in Goose Creek, SC, could be affecting employees:

Uncomfortable Temperatures

Many comfort-related complaints in commercial buildings stem from inconsistent temperatures. When the HVAC system fails to function optimally, the office becomes too cold or extremely hot. Consequently, employees feel tired and uncomfortable and lose concentration at work.

This frustration leads to low productivity and poor performance at the workplace. The solution to this issue is to repair the AC system and select the right temperature for the building.

According to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, organizations should set a temperature of between 72 to 78 degrees in their offices. Failure to comply with these temperatures and standards can lead to legal issues.

Indoor Air Quality

The quality of air in a commercial space depends on various factors, such as temperature and humidity levels. The ventilation and purity levels or the availability of chemicals in the atmosphere are also significant factors.

A commercial HVAC system can affect air quality by producing unusual odors. This issue can create an unbearable working environment and affect employee productivity.

Additionally, it can also fail to filter dust and pollen. These pollutants can lead to sneezing and coughing or even trigger allergens and cause workers to lose the morale to accomplish their tasks.

Moreover, a poorly-ventilated environment causes headaches and fatigue. This issue further increases the absenteeism rate in the organization since more employees will take sick days.

To avoid these issues, you should ensure that the commercial HVAC system filters the air and ventilates the office. Also, ensure that you clean or change the filters frequently.

Health Issues

OSHA requires every organization to prioritize its employees’ health and safety. This is because it directly influences their performance. For example, a healthy environment enables the workers to focus on achieving individual and company goals.

However, the HVAC system’s inability to maintain optimal humidity levels in the commercial building can affect the employees’ productivity. This is because it facilitates the growth of bacteria and makes the occupants vulnerable to different health issues like pneumonia.

High humidity levels also cause throat irritation and affect the employees who wear contacts. Repairing the HVAC system enables it to reduce the humidity levels by redistributing air evenly. This helps to increase the employees’ comfort and boost their productivity.

Noise Distraction

If you fail to schedule regular maintenance for your commercial HVAC system, it may cause an employee productivity issue. This is because it will make strange and abnormal sounds when starting or running.

The system could be producing rattling noises due to a broken part. The frequent noise will distract employees.

The sound of air flowing through the filters and vents might be normal. However, modern commercial HVAC systems have sound dampening technologies that help them reduce these noises.

Inconsistent Airflow

A commercial HVAC system is likely to cause inconsistent airflow when it is too big or too small for the space. Besides excess or inadequate system capacity, cracked ductwork is also a potential source of the problem.

These issues lead to insufficient ventilation. Consequently, the office becomes too stuffy and uncomfortable. This discomfort further agitates the employees and affects their concentration on the job.

Poor ventilation can also cause safety issues, especially in the manufacturing industry. This is because the chemicals emit volatile organic compounds, which can expose employees to different respiratory problems. Repairing the HVAC system can allow the air to circulate properly and replace the stagnant, contaminated air with fresh air.

In summary, a commercial HVAC system can create uncomfortable working conditions and affect employee productivity by failing to balance cooling, heating and indoor air quality. If your heating and cooling system is negatively affecting your workers, contact our team at Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning for reliable HVAC maintenance services.

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