ductless systems the beginnings of better efficiency and iaq

Ductless Systems: The Beginnings of Better Efficiency and IAQ

May 16, 2016

Most homeowners in Charleston, South Carolina, are likely used to the standard, everyday HVAC system. These standard systems are known as a “forced-air systems,” and generate air using fans. Conditioned air is then distributed throughout a home via a network of ducts. While standard systems do their jobs well, innovation in the industry has led to a different kind of system that may do the job even better. Ductless systems may just be the beginning of an age of greater air quality and efficiency in your home. Here’s why.

How Ductless Systems Work

As mentioned above, a regular HVAC system forces air through a duct network, unlike a ductless system (also called a mini-split or multi-split system). Instead, these systems blow air directly into a room.

These systems consist of an outdoor compressor connected via a conduit containing refrigerant tubing, a condensation drain, and a power cord to the indoor air handler. The refrigerant is cooled in the compressor, where it is then transported to the indoor air handler and blown into the room. Warm air, which rises, is then drawn in by the unit and then taken back outside to the compressor.

The technology is relatively simple with the lack of a duct system and the ability to have the indoor air handler anywhere in any room. What kind of advantages does that create?

Air Quality Advantages

Duct networks aren’t going to be the cause of all your indoor air quality issues, but they do contribute. Not only do ducts collect dust, dirt, and allergens themselves, but they also recirculate anything they may pick up throughout your entire home. If a duct is damaged or cracked, allergens can seep in and be added to the airflow distributed through the network. With a ductless system, you won’t have to worry about that.

Stagnant air also leads to bad air quality and can be especially irritable to those with severe allergies or asthma. There are spaces in every home where you might find it difficult to achieve the right level of air conditioning. Whether it’s because the AC is improperly sized for the home or because of poor ductwork design, you might experience uneven temperatures throughout your home. With a ductless system, you will be able to improve air conditioning efficiency and even see improved air quality.

Efficiency Advantages

In addition to providing your home with greater air quality, ductless systems are also much more efficient than the standard HVAC unit. For starters, while ducts are good at getting air throughout your home, they also may be the cause of your system some efficiency as well. Not even including the possibility of leaky ducts (from which lots of air could escape over time), but it’s estimated that in a typical home, up to 20 to 30 percent of air is lost as it passes through the ductwork. Ductless systems eliminate this problem completely by getting the air directly to you.

Since ductless systems allow you to place air-handling units anywhere, you can effectively “zone” your home. By dividing different areas of your home into different zones, you can keep each space at its own, personalized temperature so everyone is comfortable and energy is used efficiently. In most homes, air is wasted in rooms that aren’t often used, but with a ductless system, you can ensure that the air goes only to where you want. If your home already has a complete forced air system but you still have that one room that is just always too hot, you could even install a ductless system just in that room. Ductless systems are another case where greater efficiency means greater comfort.

Ductless mini or multi-split systems can be installed into any home. They may be costly to install, but the better air quality and efficiency they bring to your home are hard to beat. If you have more questions about ductless systems or any of our services give us a call at (843) 277-6030.

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