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6 HVAC Issues Common in Older Homes in Summerville, SC

April 27, 2023

Your older house in Summerville, SC, has much to offer regarding style and history. Yet, you will need to inspect the HVAC system to ensure that it’s in perfect condition since you rely on it to keep you comfortable. Continue reading to learn about some of the most frequent HVAC issues owners of older houses encounter.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

As flowers and trees bloom, they discharge pollen. Modern building methods aim to keep exterior contaminants out by properly sealing your home’s windows, doors and attic areas.

Older houses frequently have openings that allow these irritants to enter. Your HVAC system can’t always filter them out adequately. Replacing your air filter regularly can help trap pollutants and allergens like pollen. As a result, you’ll help improve the quality of your indoor air.

Old HVAC System

Old HVAC systems require regular maintenance. If you’ve recently acquired an older property and don’t know if the former owners scheduled regular maintenance inspections, you can anticipate it to last for less time and be less efficient.

Systems that must cycle on and off more often run longer to cool and heat the room. Poor maintenance will be costly and may not provide the desired comfort level. A replacement from us will likely spare you money and time in the long run.

An upgrade to contemporary HVAC systems allows you to take advantage of features that will help you to regulate your settings better. With the proper HVAC system settings, you can optimize energy efficiency and maintain your systems in good working order for longer.

Inefficient Thermostats

Current thermostat technology alters how your HVAC unit responds to external and interior temperature changes, your cooling and heating choices and your everyday routines, such as sleeping and waking hours.

Some thermostats are Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing you to control them remotely using your smartphone. Outdated thermostats have simple controls, and depending on where they’re installed in your house, can cause frequent cycling, damage to your system and ineffective cooling and heating. Let us educate you on the current thermostat if you’re ready to exert precise control over your climate.

Inadequate Airflow

Along with air leakage, the ductwork may be poorly designed and constructed of obsolete materials. Modern developments in duct structure and technology may significantly impact how air flows within your house.

Moreover, ancient duct systems can become clogged with dust, filth and pet hair, which then circulate within your home. Allowing us to rearrange and redesign how the air travels is a simple approach to start over and with clean and current materials.

Air duct cleaning also removes dust, allergens and other germs that can clog the airflow within the house preventing your chambers from being effectively heated or cooled. Maintenance and cleaning are critical to the longevity of your air ducts, so get them cleaned regularly.

No Zoning

Apart from obsolete thermostats, old houses may only have a single thermostat that regulates the temperature for all floors and wings of your home. Modern HVAC design allows you to create zones that can each be controlled independently. You can use zoning with a ductless system, but installing dampers allows homeowners to convert ducted systems, too.

For example, you may cool your home’s bedrooms at night while leaving the living room and the kitchen uncooled. This will also help you save on the energy used while you sleep.

Leaking Ductwork

Cooled and warm air circulates through your home’s ductwork. If the sealing of your old ducts’ joints and elbows has deteriorated, you may see air escaping down the length of the ducting.

As a result, you’ll spend money on heating and cooling behind walls and within ceilings. A professional inspection of the ducts by our service technicians is essential to verify that all the conditioned air is solely filling the living rooms.

Contact Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning to address any HVAC concerns in your older house. We’re here to assist you whether you require a new system or assistance in identifying how to use your current one more efficiently.

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