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6 Myths About Geothermal HVAC Systems in Summerville, SC

September 25, 2023

Geothermal HVAC systems rely on the Earth’s constant temperature to heat and cool your Summerville, SC, home. Despite their rising popularity, some myths about geothermal cooling and heating systems still exist, making people hesitant to invest in one. Here are six common misconceptions about geothermal HVAC systems:

Geothermal HVAC Systems Are Too Expensive

While it’s true that the initial installation cost of a geothermal HVAC system can be higher than traditional systems, it’s important to consider the long-term savings. The efficiency of geothermal systems allows them to pay for themselves over time through reduced energy bills. With geothermal systems being up to 400% more efficient than traditional HVAC systems, the savings on energy costs can be substantial.

Financial incentives like approved credits can help make geothermal systems more affordable. You’ll be able to enjoy flexible financing terms and convenient monthly payments. The long-term savings and financial incentives make geothermal systems a great investment for your home.

You Cannot Install Geothermal Systems in the City

There’s a misconception that geothermal systems require a large plot of land for installation, making it impossible to set up in urban or city areas. The reality is that our service technicians can install horizontal and vertical loop fields in smaller cities. These are crucial components of geothermal systems.

The actual location of the geothermal system doesn’t affect its efficiency. The key here is the ground temperature, which remains relatively constant across various geographical locations. The flexibility and adaptability of geothermal systems make them suitable for a wide range of locations, including in the city.

Geothermal HVAC Systems Are Noisy

Unlike traditional HVAC systems, which are loud and intrusive, geothermal systems run quite quietly. All the parts that make noise in a typical HVAC system are outside your home in a geothermal setup. This means less noise inside your home and a quieter, more peaceful living environment.

The main components of a geothermal system are underground, away from your living space. Moreover, geothermal systems don’t rely on outdoor air conditions, so they don’t need loud fans to distribute hot or cold air and their operation is significantly quiet.

Geothermal Systems Cannot Cool Homes

Geothermal systems utilize the ground’s stable temperature to absorb heat from your home and transfer it to the ground and cool your home. This temperature is cooler than the air in summer. Geothermal systems are just as effective at cooling homes in summer as they are at heating them in winter.

In fact, geothermal systems have the great ability to provide both heating and cooling solutions with a single package. They also provide better indoor air quality as they don’t let in pollutants from outside. That means you don’t need two separate units to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

You Cannot Install These Systems in Old Homes

The myth relies on the belief that old homes lack the necessary infrastructure or space for the system. However, this isn’t true. Our service technicians can retrofit geothermal systems into existing homes regardless of age or design.

The adaptation process involves replacing the existing HVAC system with a geothermal heat pump and incorporating the system’s loop field into the property. Specialist technicians can design the loop field to fit within the constraints of the property. This can also be an efficient and cost-effective move for homeowners seeking to upgrade their HVAC solution.

Geothermal Systems Need Constant Maintenance

Geothermal systems are very reliable and require minimal maintenance compared to conventional systems. The components of geothermal systems operate inside the building, so they don’t need much service.

The key maintenance required for geothermal systems is monitoring the loop field. This ensures that the system runs efficiently and maintains optimal performance. The frequency of these inspections will depend on your system’s individual needs.

Don’t let myths stop you from investing in the best option for your home. Contact Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning to understand the facts about geothermal systems and determine if this is the right HVAC solution for your home. We’re here to help you get the most from your system.

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