4 Reasons to Choose a Packaged HVAC System

Unlike most heaters and air conditioners, packaged HVAC systems have all their parts in a single casing. You can have a packaged system installed on your roof, in your yard on a concrete block, on your walls, or in your windows. Standard air conditioners and heat pumps, also called split systems, have an indoor air handler and an outdoor unit. They can take days longer to install than a packaged system, and they’re often more expensive. Keep reading to see why you should choose a packaged HVAC system for your Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, home:

Many Choices

A wide variety of packaged HVAC systems are available. You can choose a heat pump that transfers heat to warm or cool your home, or you can pick a ductless packaged heater or air conditioner. Hybrid or dual-fuel systems with a heat pump and a backup electric or natural gas heater are available as well. The backup system comes on when the temperature is below freezing because heat pumps don’t work as well in extreme cold.

Since they’re less costly to install, packaged systems are ideal for new renovations or additions. They also work well for people who need more storage space. Without an indoor heater or air conditioner, you’ll have another closet you can use for convenient storage.

You can have a packaged HVAC system installed and use it independently of your original heater and air conditioner. With a smart thermostat that has zoning, you can control all the parts of your home from a central location or with a remote control. You can save energy by turning down your HVAC system in unoccupied areas and choosing various temperatures for different zones or areas.

You can control some smart thermostats wirelessly from your phone, tablet or computer. Others can connect to cameras or motion sensors and learn your routine and preferences over time without programming. As a result, you’ll rarely have to make thermostat adjustments.

Energy Savings

Since most of the components in a packaged HVAC system sit next to each other, there’s no energy needed to move air or refrigerant between an indoor and outdoor unit. A new system is a big investment. But the lower utility bills will make it worthwhile with any added costs. You could even qualify for federal tax credits that make upgrades more affordable and encourage people to stop using inefficient systems that harm the environment.

Easy Maintenance

With all the components of a packaged system in one location, your service technician should be able to inspect your unit quickly and easily. There’s no need for them to go inside and track dirt or mud on your carpeting after looking at your packaged unit outdoors. Any repairs will get finished faster, so you can go back to your normal routine. Maintenance is often less costly than caring for a standard HVAC system as well, especially if you choose a ductless packaged unit for your home.

Since durable cases surround packaged units, you shouldn’t have to worry about damage from the elements. However, you should still trim branches that could fall on your unit. Keep other vegetation at least a few feet away from it for optimal airflow.

Quieter Home

Since most of the parts of a packaged HVAC system are outside, the noise they make isn’t as loud or disturbing as the sounds from a unit with an indoor air handler. If you choose a ductless packaged system, it’ll be even quieter because air doesn’t have to move through your home’s ductwork.

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