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5 Reasons to Invest in Regular AC Maintenance

August 25, 2020

Regular maintenance of air conditioning systems often seems like a needless expense. However, regular maintenance on your air conditioner will save you high repair cost and optimize the health and functionality of your system. Below are the benefits of investing in AC maintenance for your Hanahan, SC, home.

Breathe Better Air Quality

A well-maintained AC unit ensures that your home’s air quality remains high. A section of the AC system filters allergens present in the air you breathe. The EPA estimates that the levels of indoor pollutants are two to five times greater than outdoor pollutants.

Over time, your AC unit accumulates debris and biological growth, particularly in the ducts. Ignoring such dirt poses health risks, including allergies and asthma.

With regular maintenance, the AC system remains entirely clean, guaranteeing you a healthy flow of air. Maintenance checks also include testing for carbon monoxide leakage, which is a killer health hazard. Removal of mechanical debris enhances balanced humidity, optimizing overall temperature regulation.

Reduce Energy Consumption

Regular preventive maintenance undeniably improves the efficiency of your AC unit. Thorough maintenance includes cleaning and testing all the components of your system, so the service technician identifies even the smallest problems regarding your unit. Dirt and other obstructions force your AC system to work harder for the same results.

Upon eliminating accumulated debris, your system operates more efficiently. The unit uses only the required energy. As a result, there’s no wastage whatsoever. Peak efficiency translates to reduced energy usage, which means reduced bills for you.

Save on Expensive Repair Costs

Having a maintenance schedule on your AC system will ultimately save you high repair or replacement costs. Establishing the schedule will also protect your system from eventually breaking down. Usually, small technical issues manifest into big problems that come with repair costs that’ll dent your pockets.

However, friction causes inevitable wear and tear of the system. If not repaired, you may lose or replace your whole unit due to such consistent wear.

Professional maintenance patches up common malfunctions early before they develop into irreparable problems. Also, a professional AC service technician identifies and corrects any wear and tear on your system. The cost of repairing these small problems is better than correcting an overall system failure or replacing the whole AC unit.

Extend the Lifespan of Your AC

During summer, your AC system runs all day to provide you with comfort during the day and as you sleep. Gradually, the AC system faces unavoidable wear. Dirt and debris, particularly in the ductwork, can cause your unit to age more quickly.

Without proper maintenance, constant friction will significantly reduce your unit’s lifespan. Thus, you could end up making replacements sooner than you thought. However, with a regular maintenance routine, the typical lifespan of your AC system is at least 12–15 years.

It would be best if you optimize the durability of your unit. Experts recommend at least one tuneup in the spring or summer.

Enjoy a More Comfortable Indoor Climate

The purpose of acquiring an AC unit is to control your home’s temperature to enhance your comfort. A perfect AC unit ensures your house is comfortable year-round. The climate remains cool in the summer.

Over time, the system may start emitting unpleasant smells and noises. If your AC system isn’t in good shape, temperature regulation is consequently inefficient. Some rooms will be so hot and others unbearably cold.

A maintenance schedule assures you of optimal AC operation so your home’s temperature will be even throughout your entire home. The probability of a breakdown also scales down significantly.

Maintenance helps you save money on repair and replacement costs, but most importantly, it offers you unmatched peace of mind. We provide regular AC maintenance service along with plenty of other services too. Contact us at Berkeley Heating and Conditioning to establish your maintenance plan and make sure your AC unit operates free from disruptions all year.

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