Enjoying Healthy Indoor Air Quality

5 Systems That Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality in Summerville, SC

April 20, 2022

With spring season nearing, this is the best time to improve your indoor air quality. Most people with asthma and allergies experience severe symptoms during this season because plants begin to bloom and pollen levels increase. Read on to learn about the systems you can use to improve indoor air quality in Summerville, SC, this spring:


Firstly, a poorly ventilated home is stuffy and has poor air quality. This problem occurs because the outdoor air doesn’t get an opportunity to dilute the highly concentrated airborne pollutants in your space. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the most effective method of improving indoor air quality is eliminating pollution sources.

Improving the ventilation in your home will lower the concentration of air pollutants inside by allowing in more fresh air from outside. Therefore, consider purchasing a ventilator if your house constantly feels stuffy and has poor ventilation.

Ultraviolet Lamps

Your HVAC system might not support healthy air in your Summerville, SC, house, especially if bacteria use the system’s coil as their breeding ground. UV lamps can stop this problem by killing bacteria before joining the home’s air supply.

Whole-Home Dehumidifiers

Some homes in Summerville, SC, experience high humidity, especially during summer. The excessive moisture can compromise the integrity of your household appliances, create a breeding ground for pathogens and contaminate the indoor air.

A whole-home dehumidifier, together with your HVAC system, eliminates the excessive moisture from the indoor air. Our licensed service technicians can help you install the system in the any space in the house that experiences humidity problems.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide is a very harmful airborne contaminant. Your home can experience a CO buildup due to malfunctioning furnaces and fuel-reliant devices.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to detect the gas because it’s odorless, tasteless and invisible. For this reason, carbon monoxide can cause poisoning, serious illnesses or even death before you realize its presence in your home.

The most effective preventive measure is installing a carbon monoxide alarm in your house. They will detect the gas and alert you so you can take corrective measures. The best place to locate them is near the bedrooms.

Air Purifiers

Regular dusting might not maintain healthy air quality in your house, especially if there’s an issue with the air circulation. Installing air purifiers is a better solution because they assist the HVAC system to trap the air pollutants circulating in your home space. Our professionals can help you install the air purifier directly into your HVAC system.

These systems capture smoke, pollen, pet hair and bacteria that standard air filters might not. As the air conditioner runs, the air purifier filters a variety of contaminants. Besides providing your house with clean air, air purifiers can also protect you from allergens and harmful pathogens this season.

You can choose to purchase a whole-home or portable air purification system. A portable air purifier is ideal if the airborne allergens and allergy symptoms are more concentrated in some rooms.

You should also change your HVAC filter regularly. A filter that looks dirty indicates that it’s effectively trapping dust and other airborne pollutants.

However, such a filter can easily clog and fail to function properly if it lacks regular HVAC maintenance. Changing the unit at least once a month will get rid of allergens and airborne contaminants. As a result, it’ll ensure that your home’s indoor air is clean and healthy.

In summary, improving your indoor air quality his spring will allow you to live in a healthy and comfortable environment. We offer top-rated indoor air quality products. Contact our qualified service technicians at Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning today. We’ll restore optimal indoor air quality levels in your house.

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