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Top 5 HVAC System Features You Want to Have

April 20, 2019

Your home in Charleston, South Carolina, has unique and specific HVAC needs. At Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in helping you customize the right system for your home. Here are four features you might consider:

High SEER Rating

Older air-conditioning units can limp along in moderate weather but show their age and strain when the Lowcountry summer hits with hot and humid intensity. An energy-efficient air conditioner will save you money, headaches from poor performance, and costly failures when you need the unit to run the most.

One of the measurements for energy efficiency is called SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). This number describes the ratio of cooling ability for a given season to the energy consumed over that time period. For hot climates, the SEER rating should be high; for Charleston, a SEER rating should be somewhere around 18. Examine the SEER rating of any air conditioner to ensure you’re getting the most energy-efficient unit for your needs, which then saves you money on your power bill each month.

Variable Speed Compressor

An air conditioner’s compressor can be called single-stage, dual-stage, or variable-speed. With a single-stage unit, it’s either on or off, with the compressor and the fans running at a single speed when cool air is needed. A dual-stage compressor can run at low or high speeds, while a variable-speed compressor has multiple stages that enable it to run as low as 25 percent of its capacity.

Changing speeds for changing weather conditions means your home stays consistently heated or cooled but with increased efficiency. And these units are highly durable and operate more quietly than others. Avoiding full speed at all times extends the life of your unit by decreasing its wear and tear.

Quiet Performance

Sound is measured in decibels. For example, an ordinary conversation would amount to about 60 dB. A washing machine or vacuum cleaner would reach about 70 dB. Some HVAC components, both indoor and outdoor, are louder than any washing machine. New Carrier heat pumps are considerably quieter than a washing machine because of the aerodynamic top, the Silencer System II design that reduces vibration and airflow, and a compressor blanket to reduce sound.

Those features plus the variable speed compressor mean you’re getting the best the market has to offer for noise reduction. Depending on where your unit is located, that can make a huge difference with how much sound disturbs you or your neighbors.

Smart Thermostat

All air conditioners use a thermostat for function, but not all thermostats are the same. A programmable thermostat lets you customize your cooling preferences so your home is cooled to the desired temperatures. You can set up a schedule for weekdays that’s different than weekends or change the temperatures for sleeping and awake times.

Some modern smart thermostats are learning-capable and can determine how to function efficiently based on your behavior patterns. Others enable you to create zones in your home and have each room controlled separately. Modern thermostats give you ultimate control over the smallest scheduling details for your HVAC system.

Indoor Air Quality Control

Many new air conditioners or heat pumps have the ability to help you fine-tune your humidity control and minimize risk of organic growth in your home. We also offer other additions to your system that can help improve the indoor air quality along with the temperature.

You might consider the addition of a UV light, which is installed near the coils and helps kill any microorganisms that might potentially grow there. Or you might want to add an integrated dehumidifier to help draw excess moisture from the air during those hot summer months. Even in the winter, a dehumidifier can help keep your home’s moisture levels well-balanced.

Modern HVAC system features make cooling and heating your home more efficiently easier than ever before. Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning offers expert analysis of your customized needs in a historic home or brand new construction. Once installed, your system will benefit from yearly maintenance. Let us help you with all your needs. Call us today at (843) 277-6030.

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