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5 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Airflow and Efficiency in Goose Creek, SC

April 25, 2021

Airflow around the home is something that many homeowners overlook. But it’s an important factor in your home’s overall comfort and efficiency levels. If your home has poor airflow, you’ll have uneven indoor temperatures. Here are ways to improve your home’s airflow, comfort and overall efficiency in Goose Creek, SC.

Leave Vents Open

Some people believe that if a room is empty, you should close the AC vents in it. But this is incorrect and can actually damage your HVAC system. Unless you have a zoned system, designers create ductwork based on airflow through all the vents. If you close too many vents, it may cause pressure to build up within the ductwork.

Not only can this affect your HVAC system negatively, but it can also raise your energy bills by causing it to work harder to move the conditioned air around. It may also cause dust to build up in the closed portions of the ductwork.

Use Ceiling Fans

A great way to improve airflow is to turn on your ceiling fans. A fan can push warm air near the ceiling back down in the winter and draw it up and away from you in the summer. If you’re using it for both purposes, be sure to reverse the direction of the fan seasonally. Remember to turn the ceiling fan off when leaving the room to save energy and money.

Regularly Change Air Filters

One thing that can really hinder your system from having efficient airflow throughout your house is a dirty air filter. If your air filter doesn’t get changed regularly, it’ll begin to build up a variety of pollutants and contaminants. Having all of these negative things in your air filter won’t only prevent proper airflow by clogging the system, but it’ll also negatively affect the quality of air in your household.

To prevent this from occurring, you’ll need to change your air filter either once a month or whenever it becomes too dirty. Making sure that your system has the right type of filter is also important, as higher quality filters last longer and are able to capture more dirt and dust.

Seal Leaks in Ducts, Windows and Doorways

Having poor insulation throughout your home can also contribute to poor airflow. If your air ducts have multiple air leaks, your HVAC system won’t be able to move air through them properly. Outside air will also seep in and change the quality of the HVAC system’s air.

Insulation problems throughout the rest of your home can also disrupt your home’s air circulation. Look for issues such as holes in your front door gasket, cracks in your windows or even a garage door that doesn’t close properly. Improving your home’s insulation and sealing off all leaks in your ductwork will greatly improve your home’s airflow and air circulation.

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

One of the best ways to improve your system’s air circulation is to invest in regular HVAC maintenance. By having your entire system evaluated and inspected by a professional HVAC service technician, you can pinpoint any issues within the system that’s stopping it from working at its full potential. Your system could also have other issues that aren’t currently apparent so having a maintenance plan can potentially improve every aspect of your air conditioning experience.

Don’t ignore your home’s air circulation problem. Improve airflow inside your home to help maximize comfort and efficiency. Contact Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning to receive HVAC maintenance. We can help to keep your home comfortable and your system healthy, making sure your minimize your energy expenses and improve your quality of life.

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