3 Ways Zoning Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

For more control over your home’s temperature, consider zoned heating and cooling. Zoning allows you to set different temperatures throughout your house to customize room temperatures. Rather than using a single thermostat, incorporating zoning into your Charleston, South Carolina, home allows you to use multiple thermostats to customize room temperatures and maintain comfort for your family.

Personalize Room Temperatures

Each person in your family will likely prefer a different indoor temperature. With zoned heating and cooling, you can customize temperatures in your home so that everyone stays comfortable.

When it’s cold, consider a lower temperature for rooms you don’t constantly use, like bedrooms, guest rooms, or play areas. In the summer, you can raise the temperature in these rooms. You can maintain your family’s overall comfort by keeping the living room, kitchen, and other frequently used areas at optimal temperatures. Setting up heating and cooling zones makes indoor life comfortable for your family members, especially those with different temperature preferences.

Target Cold or Hot Spots

A central air conditioning system works to keep your entire house at one temperature, and you may find areas in your home that feel too hot or too cold. These hot and cold spots are especially annoying in rooms you use often. Creating targeted heating and cooling zones lets you adjust the temperature in problem areas to make sure your home stays comfortable. Installing ductless systems is a simple and efficient way to target problem rooms. This type of HVAC system is perfect for add-ons or extending heating and cooling to unconditioned spaces.

Distribute Heating and Cooling Only Where Necessary

Trying to keep all the rooms in your house at one temperature is not possible for several reasons. The location of the rooms and the amount of sunlight received, for example, will affect air conditioning efforts. With zoned systems, however, you get heating and cooling how you need it and where you need it.

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