Boiler Issues to Watch for This Heating Season

It’s always nice to go through winter without a home heating problem. Regular preventive maintenance for the heating system in your Hanahan home helps ensure a trouble-free season, but sometimes things just go wrong. The following are five common boiler problems and how they may be resolved.

Heat Problems

Boiler problems may include no heat at all, poor heating performance, or trouble with one or more radiators.

  • If your boiler isn’t heating at all, check the thermostat again. Make sure it’s on heat cycle and set to the correct temperature.
  • Next, check the pilot light. If you have a standing pilot light and it won’t stay on, there may be deposit buildup, an issue with the thermocouple, or a draft may be blowing out the pilot. These are issues for your heating technician.
  • If the boiler and circulator pump are working but there’s just no heat or poor heat, there may be sludge and grime blocking pipes. If you’ve noticed a steady decline in heating, this may be the problem. A professional needs to chemically flush the system.
  • If some radiators are heating and some are not, there may be corrosion in the radiator or a faulty radiator valve. Adjusting the radiator valve should restore heat.

Boiler Noises

Boilers make noise, but some noises are worse than others. If your boiler has been rumbling or banging lately, there may be excessive mineral and scale buildup in the heat exchanger. The system should be cleaned for better performance and efficiency. Rumbling may also be from an oil leak to the combustion chamber, which increases the risk of puff-back. Call your HVAC contractor to take care of it.

Sometimes the pipes will make a lot of noise. Your technician will do an overall check of your system. Gas boilers and furnaces that are not functioning properly can lead to other problems such as dangerous carbon monoxide leaks.

To ensure you and your loved ones remain safe and comfortable this winter, contact the heating experts at Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning. Call us today at 843-277-6030 for more information or to schedule an appointment.