5 Reasons Geothermal Technology is a Smart Alternative

Hanahan, South Carolina, residents are discovering an efficient alternative to traditional heating and cooling. Geothermal technology is a smart option for several reasons including increased efficiency and energy-saving benefits.

Renewable Energy Source

Geothermal technology uses the consistent temperatures just beneath the ground to heat and cool a building. There’s no fossil fuel involved. This process is better for the environment as you no longer use a system that consumes valuable resources or possibly emits harmful substances in the process.

Lifelong Savings

A geothermal heat pump requires a bit of an upfront investment. Fortunately, however, the savings from the more efficient process mean you realize your return quickly. You will enjoy lower utility bills, free hot water generation, and reduced maintenance costs over the life of your system. Your geothermal system can end up paying for itself in just three to five years.

Free Hot Water

Free hot water generation is just a bonus of geothermal systems. One simple connection added to the system allows it to deliver heated water to your water heater, storing it until you use it. This means you’re essentially enjoying a supply of free hot water for as long as you use the geothermal system.

Longer Lifespan

Geothermal technology requires little maintenance, save for periodic checks and filter changes. The outdoor portion is buried below the ground, and the rest of the system protected indoors. Unlike traditional HVAC systems, there is no exposure to environmental elements. When properly maintained, your geothermal system will last 20 years or more.

Better Indoor Comfort

A geothermal heating and cooling system is designed to distribute air evenly, which eliminates hot and cold air blasts you might experience from traditional systems. It even dehumidifies the air in the summer, creating a more pleasant indoor air quality year-round.

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