A/C Installation Steps to Expect From Your HVAC Pro

When you are ready for a new A/C installation, be sure your HVAC technician is a qualified pro who can help you to select the right equipment and do the installation work for you. A professional HVAC contractor will ensure the following major aspects of the installation are done correctly.

Equipment Sizing

Your technician will perform calculations to determine the size of the equipment needed to cool your home. Replacement equipment may not be the same size as your old equipment. This can be the case if the technician determines that a different size would be more efficient based on the size of your home. This can result if you have made additions to your home, or if the original unit was not the correct size. Since upgrading windows or adding insulation can change your home’s heating and cooling needs, even these impact the size of the unit needed. Growing tall shade trees may have reduced your home’s expected cooling load as well.


The air conditioner installer will make sure that your ducts are all securely connected and joints and seams are sealed with mastic. A poorly installed or badly maintained duct system can severely reduce the energy efficiency of your cooling and heating systems.

Balanced Airflow

Your home’s ducts should be sized to handle the right volume of air for your air conditioning equipment to run effectively. An ideal duct design will include supply and return air ducts for each room, but if you have a few return ducts that each serve several rooms, you will need ceiling jump ducts or grilles in walls or doors to ensure balanced airflow throughout your house.


An experienced HVAC technician will ensure the refrigerant level in your new system matches the manufacturer’s specifications. Too much or too little refrigerant will prevent your system from running efficiently and can reduce the life of your A/C equipment.

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