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4 Benefits of Healthy Indoor Air Quality in North Charleston, SC

December 12, 2023

During the cold and flu season, families in North Charleston, SC, spend a lot more hours together indoors, spreading cold germs and viruses to each other. Your family might also experience other problems associated with air pollutants in your home, too. Let’s look at four benefits of healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) for your family.

Reduce the Spread of Colds and Viruses

One of the most important benefits of improving IAQ in your home is that you can breathe more easily. Installing a whole-home air purifier can’t guarantee a 100% illness-free environment. Filtering and neutralizing those airborne viruses before your family can inhale them reduces everyone’s risk of getting sick.

Control Allergy Symptoms

Another benefit of cleaner air in your home is that allergy symptoms become easier to manage. Whether your allergies are seasonal and caused by pollen and plant matter from outdoors or are pet-related, improving IAQ can reduce your allergy triggers. Replacing HVAC air filters monthly and upgrading to a higher-quality filter will make a difference.

Improve Humidity Levels

Biological growth is common in homes with high humidity and moisture levels, and this can also damage IAQ and present health issues. A dehumidifier can reduce the spread of biological contaminants. You might also find that you feel more comfortable in a less humid house as well.

Eliminate Annoying Odors

Lastly, many homes have odors caused by pets, cigarette smoke and other air pollutants. Upgrading your HVAC filters can greatly reduce pet odors and other annoying smells so that you can relax and enjoy those quiet, chilly winter nights without the odors.

Don’t tolerate indoor air pollution any longer. Improving IAQ has many benefits for your family’s health and comfort. Contact Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning today to see what indoor air quality solutions are available for your home.

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