NATE-Certified Service Technician

4 Benefits of Hiring NATE-Certified Service Technicians in Hanahan, SC

July 7, 2022

When you need your air conditioner in Hanahan, SC, serviced, it’s important to hire a NATE-certified service technician. A service technician who’s NATE-certified receives specialized training and recertification every two years. Here are four main reasons you should only hire a NATE-certified service technician:

More Efficient Service

As a NATE service technician is highly trained, they can work on any make and model of AC system. When you describe what’s wrong, they’ll know what tools and parts to bring. A service technician that doesn’t have NATE certification may not be familiar with your AC system or what parts to bring.

NATE service technicians are efficient at performing AC repairs. Your AC system will be back up and operating properly very quickly.

Repairs Done Right the First Time

When you hire a NATE-certified service technician, they’ll do the job right the first time. Someone that isn’t certified may need to come to your house multiple times to perform the work. A service technician that’s NATE-certified will accurately determine what’s wrong with your AC system and fix it correctly.

Proper Installation

If you need an AC system installed, you can trust a NATE-certified service technician to install it properly. They have all the knowledge needed to ensure they correctly do the work according to manufacturer specifications.

Reliable Advice

If you need advice about your AC system, you can rely on a NATE-certified technician to give you solid recommendations. They’ll gladly answer any questions you may have, such as what type of air filter to use and how often to replace it. They can also tell you how to save money on your energy bills.

Homeowners in Hanahan, SC, can rely our NATE-certified service technicians. Call Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning for AC installation and other help with your system.

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