Common A/C Problems a Homeowner Should be Aware Of

Often you’ll run into common A/C problems over the summer that you might be able to solve, but in some cases, it’ll take the assistance of a licensed HVAC contractor to get your system up and running. Here are several common A/C problems that homeowners may face, as well as possible solutions:

Condenser Doesn’t Run

Check the circuit breaker for the cooling system. If it’s tripped, turn it back on. If it was on, check the fuse for the condenser. If both were operational, turn the temperature down five degrees. If that doesn’t turn the system on, you may have a problem with the condenser motor or the compressor, both of which require the assistance of an HVAC professional.

Air Conditioner Runs With No Cooling

Most of the time, this is a problem associated with a blocked condenser or inadequate refrigerant. Before calling in a pro, clean the condenser by removing anything that blocks the free-flow of air into the condenser and hose off the unit with the power off. If that doesn’t help the system cool your home, contact your HVAC contractor who can measure the refrigerant in the system, look for and seal leaks in the coils and recharge the unit.

Inadequate Cooling

If your cooling system is too small, it may not be able to handle cooling your home during extremely hot weather. Try closing the window coverings and reducing the amount you use heat-producing appliances indoors. Go through your house to look for open windows and exterior doors.

It could also be a dirty evaporator coil that may need cleaning. Dirt causes the most common A/C problems and if your system has been run with dirty filters, the coil could be covered. If you can’t access the coil, you’ll need the assistance of a professional.

System Starts to Run but Shuts Off Quickly

The evaporator coil may be dirty or the condenser isn’t getting adequate airflow. Cleaning both may help. A failing or failed compressor could also be at fault.

The pros at Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning can help you avoid common A/C problems through annual maintenance, providing HVAC services for the Mount Pleasant area for more than 50 years.