Creative Home Cooling – New Hybrid Heat Units

Predicting the temperature in Charleston, during early spring is impossible. If you own a furnace and an air conditioning unit, you could be running both systems in the same week. Although heating and cooling have remained separate for many decades, the new Hybrid Heat systems are much greener to operate and save a lot of money on fuel costs.

What is a Hybrid Heat System?

A Hybrid Heat system is a combination heat pump, furnace and smart control that studies the temperature and turns on the proper fuel source to heat or cool your home. Gone are the days of trying to figure out if it’s cheaper to use the electric or the gas appliance. The intelligent control unit starts the right unit based on cost efficiency and personal temperature preferences. You don’t have to be home to push the start button. The Hybrid Heat system will organize the settings to balance the temperature, air quality, humidity and ventilation.

Does My Home Need Hybrid Heat?

If you live in a moderate climate like Macon and currently own a furnace and an air conditioning system, the Hybrid Heat system is a huge leap forward in terms of your comfort. Without breaking the bank, Hybrid Heat systems manage heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. Using eco-friendly R-410a refrigerant, Hybrid Heat systems utilize the highest quality refrigeration and heating elements available. Turning liquid gas energy into air requires a sophisticated method for creating a balanced airflow year round. Using a Turbo Tubular heat exchanger and a Thermal Expansion Valve (TXV), Hybrid Heat systems are state-of-the-art units that redefine how you manage your indoor air.

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