Do’s and Don’ts With the Heating System in Your Charleston, SC, Home

Our team of service technicians has worked thousands of heating jobs. There are consistent glitches we’ve seen again and again when all it takes to keep a heating system running right is a little preventative maintenance. The following are tasks you should and shouldn’t do to keep your heating system prepared for colder nights in Charleston, SC.

Why You Want to Follow These Suggestions

Heating can take a huge chunk of monthly expenses. This chunk grows when you don’t manage a routine to maintain and increase the efficiency of your heating system. These do’s and don’ts will be instrumental in that goal.


Don’t turn up thermostats suddenly. This forces systems to work quickly and hard. You’re expounding energy needlessly. Heat is gradual, and going up 10 degrees all at once doesn’t work.

Don’t close the vents. Shut vents build pressure in ducts, and your heating system struggles. Vents allow even distribution because air has to get out or leaks will result.

Don’t skip maintenance scheduling. Seasonal tuneups may seem unnecessary when everything’s fine. Skipping regular checks has a profound negative impact on heating efficiency and effectiveness.


Do keep the curtains open. Let in the sun. Sunlight is an indirect way to warm up and a good way to minimize using the heat.

Do use ceiling fans. They’re not only useful in cool periods. Reverse the direction, and instead of moving cool air, the fan distributes heated air. Less burden gets put on heating appliances.

Do clean and replace filters. Not managing filters is the number one mistake, and it’s the fastest way to hurt your heating system’s performance.

Do take recommended repairs seriously. Professionals inspect and spot impending repairs that could lead to a system breakdown.

Protecting Your Comfort

You expect your heating system to perform when you need it. That’s going to require more than just turning it on when you feel the house getting cold. Furnaces are easy to neglect when systems appear to run smoothly.

Extend your heating system’s lifespan with a little preventative maintenance. If your appliances aren’t doing their best, call Berkeley Heating and Air Conditioning for trusted HVAC services that help you maximize efficiency and comfort.

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