Fall HVAC System Maintenance Checklist: Compare This With What Your Expert Does

Another hot summer is winding down, and fall is approaching fast. Now’s the time to prepare for the coming fall and winter weather by tackling routine home maintenance chores such as cleaning and inspecting the gutters, checking the roof shingles, and weatherstripping and caulking air leaks. When you’re putting your must-do maintenance list together, make sure you include scheduling a heating system tune-up with a licensed HVAC contractor.

Benefits of Regular HVAC System Maintenance

Semi-annual checkups are vital to keep your heating and cooling equipment in top condition. Expert fall HVAC system maintenance should cover a long checklist of heating-centric tasks to keep your operating costs under control, increase your comfort, and prolong the equipment’s life span. Make sure your technician performs these maintenance essentials:

  • Testing the thermostat for accuracy and re-calibrating it if necessary.
  • Checking the fan control and making any needed adjustments to ensure accurate on-off cycling.
  • Lubricating the motor and all moving parts. The friction caused by a lack of lubrication erodes energy efficiency, and puts extra wear on the components.
  • Testing the system’s start-up cycle to verify that it starts, runs and shuts off properly.
  • Tightening the electrical connections. Loose and/or faulty connections can adversely affect the system’s reliability and safe operation.
  • Checking the wiring, and the voltage and current on the blower motor to ensure safety and prevent a heating system failure.
  • Cleaning the blower assembly. When blower components are dirty, energy efficiency and reliability decline.
  • Checking the fuel lines and connections for leaks. A gas leak lets hazardous fumes seep into the indoor air and poses a serious fire risk.
  • Testing the furnace for correct gas pressure and proper burner combustion.
  • Examining the heat exchanger to check for cracks or damage that allows lethal carbon monoxide (CO) to escape.
  • Replacing the air filter. Check the filter once a month during heating season and change it whenever necessary to maintain the system’s energy efficiency and prevent damage to critical components.

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