Furnace Odors

3 Furnace Odors and What They Mean in Ladson, SC

December 8, 2022

Your furnace, like any machine, will run into anomalies in its lifetime. Some of these anomalies may cause the system to produce unusual smells. Here are some common furnace odors and what causes them in Ladson, SC.

Burning Dust Smell

Usually, the furnace stays idle until the cold months come around. During this time when it’s not working, dust may accumulate on its parts. When the system starts operating, it warms up and the dust starts to burn.

The smell disappears after a while. The situation doesn’t pose any threat to your furnace. Scheduling a maintenance visit ensures your system’s parts remain clean.

Rotten Eggs Smell

If you own a gas furnace and detect a rotten eggs smell, gas could be leaking. However, natural gas has no smell.

As a precautionary measure, gas companies accompany the natural gas with a sulfur-based chemical. This chemical helps homeowners to know when they have a leakage.

Natural gas is very dangerous. If anyone in your household inhales it, they may experience nausea, fatigue, dizziness or even breathing difficulties. The gas is also highly flammable; hence, it’s important to turn it off and evacuate everyone in your home.

Proceed to seek the services of a professional service technician to resolve the issue. Don’t attempt to work on the leak because you’ll put yourself in danger.

Burning Plastic Smell

You may get this smell if your blower motor is overheating. Typically, your furnace contains a safety feature that turns off the system when it starts overheating. If the feature has a problem, the furnace may not shut down and the blower motor continues overheating.

The hot furnace components may melt the insulation on your wiring, which can also cause a burning plastic odor. The exposed wires may produce sparks, which is dangerous for your home.

If you detect any furnace odosr that you’re unsure about, shut down your system immediately. Contact Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning for outstanding heating services. Our service technicians will check the issue causing the odor and repair it.

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