Ductless Heating

Getting the Most Out of Your Ductless Heating in Summerville, SC

December 23, 2022

Ductless heating systems are quite popular among Summerville, SC, homeowners. Using them to their full potential takes a bit of specific know-how. Here are six ways to get the most out of your ductless heating system:

Pick a Comfortable Temperature

They say that old habits die hard. One of the habits you may have learned from your old heating system is to turn it down at night. That would usually save you some money on your operating costs.

Ductless heating systems, however, don’t work that way. They’re heat pumps, which work best when running continuously. Your most efficient option is to pick one comfortable temperature and leave the system alone.

Leave the Fan On Auto

Another way to get the most out of your ductless heating system is to leave its fan set to auto. Ductless systems will raise and lower fan speeds in response to environmental conditions. The automatic setting allows the system to pick the most efficient fan speed at all times.

Adjust Your Air Handlers

One of the great things about ductless heating systems is that they double as cooling systems in the summer. However, the manner of adjusting your air handlers for summer isn’t how you should leave them in the winter. Remember, heat rises.

To get the most out of your ductless system, adjust the airflow of each air handler downward. Doing so will improve your comfort and help the system work more efficiently. Just remember to re-adjust them when summer rolls around!

Keeping your air handlers clean is crucial to having a ductless system function at full capacity. Regular maintenance and changing the air filter routinely are imperative.

Watch the Outdoor Temperature

It doesn’t tend to get very cold in the winter in Summerville, SC. That’s one of the reasons ductless HVAC systems work so well here. However, on days when the temperature does drop, you should pay attention to your ductless heater.

Ductless systems often have auxiliary heating elements that kick in to augment their heat production. When that happens, your system’s efficiency drops, and its operating costs increase. To avoid that, consider lowering your thermostat a degree or two on cold days, if possible.

Let the Sun Shine In

Your ductless heating system is efficient because it collects heat energy from the outdoors to heat your home. You can help it by doing the same thing yourself. Opening up the curtains and blinds on your windows during the day will let the sun warm your home.

That reduces how much heat your ductless system must provide to maintain the temperature you set. Just remember to close the curtains and blinds once the sun sets. That will help keep the warm air in your home and enhance your ductless heating system’s performance.

Don’t Neglect Scheduled Maintenance

Ductless heating systems are machines and require regular maintenance. A great way to get the most out of your ductless heating system is to stick to its maintenance schedule. Before heating season begins in earnest, you should:

  • Clean your indoor and outdoor units.
  • Clean the filters in your air handlers.
  • Have service technicians examine the refrigerant lines for damage.
  • Keep indoor units unobstructed.

Our expert service technicians will check your ductless heating system and ensure it’s in peak condition. Then, getting the most out of your ductless heating system will be just a matter of turning it on. Our service technicians can replace worn-out parts, too.

If you have a ductless heating system, the tips listed here will help you get the most out of it this winter. So, too, will our team when you entrust your heating system to us. Contact our team at Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning today for all of your heating maintenance needs, and we’ll help you stay warm for less!

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