How to Improve Your IAQ With an Air Purifier and More in Hanahan, SC

We all know about how harmful outdoor air pollution is to our health. From pet dander to lingering cigarette smoke, indoor air contamination can be equally harmful. Find out how you can improve the IAQ in your Hanahan, SC, home with an air purifier and other options.

Keep Your Air Purifier On

Air purification is a continuous process, so having your air purifier on for a few minutes a day won’t clean the air. Leave your air purifier running when you’re away to help reduce the risk of your home becoming contaminated while you’re away.

Most air purifiers only use as much energy as your computer. You don’t have to worry about increasing your energy bills.

Leave Your Air Purifier in One Room

Moving the purifier too much, especially if you only have one, isn’t advisable. This is because air purifiers are most efficient if left in one area. We suggest leaving the air purifier in your bedroom since most people spend a third of their life sleeping.

Shut Your Windows and Doors

Air purifiers work best in enclosed spaces. Having your windows or doors open while the air purifier is running isn’t recommended. That’s because all the purified air escapes.

Needless to say, this is wastage of power. However, having your doors and windows open once in a while is important for air circulation. Having regular HVAC maintenance will also help ensure proper air circulation throughout your home.

Bonus Insight on Cleaner Indoor Air

Consider using blinds as opposed to curtains in your living room and bedrooms. Blinds attract less dirt compared to curtains.

You might also want to place a floor mat at all entrances to your living space. Encourage people to remove shoes when they enter. This will reduce the amount of dirt coming into your house from outside.

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