How to Maintain Your HVAC System if You Have Pets

November 8, 2022

Many people in Goose Creek, SC, love to own pets as they provide companionship and love. However, they can also produce a lot of hair and dander. Here are some ways to maintain your HVAC system if you have pets in your home so that it operates effectively and efficiently:

Brush Your Pets Regularly

You should brush your pets regularly to remove loose hair. The pet hair you remove by brushing and then dispose of in the garbage won’t get into your HVAC system.

Change the Air Filter

Everyone should regularly inspect and change the air filter in their HVAC system. This is even more important for homes with pets. Depending on how many and what types of pets you have, you may need to change the air filter every month.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance Twice Annually

Excessive pet hair puts a strain on your HVAC system. You should have one of our service technicians perform a maintenance check on your HVAC system once in the spring and again in the fall. As part of this service, they’ll clean your HVAC system to remove pet hair and other debris.

Vacuum Regularly

Keeping your home clean will help keep pet hair out of your HVAC system. Vacuum twice a week to pick up pet hair from carpets and furniture. Use the hose to remove pet hair from under the furniture and against the baseboards.

Put a Fence Around Your Outdoor HVAC System

If your pets spend time in your yard, put a fence around the outdoor AC unit. This will keep your pets from rubbing against it and sending hair directly into the unit.

We offer residential HVAC maintenance, repair and installation services in Goose Creek and the surrounding cities. Contact Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning to discuss indoor air quality or other HVAC issues today.

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