How to Perform AC Maintenance For Your Mt. Pleasant Home

Tip 1: The Outside Condenser

Outdoor condenser units are typically not very aesthetic, and many homeowners tend to put up trellises, fences and plants to cover up the unit. If you’re going to do this, keep all of the surrounding objects at least three feet from the condenser unit. The outdoor condenser requires space for proper airflow and efficiency. Trimming the bushes is a way to increase the air that the system needs to draw in. On a regular basis, clean off pollen and debris from the condenser with a garden hose. When the condenser draws in air, pollen and debris often cling to the exterior. Pollen and debris impede efficiency and can cause a system to overheat and shut down. 

Tip 2: Registers

With a two-story home, the upper level is often warmer than the lower level even with the air conditioner running. To adjust the levels, many homeowners close the registers on the first level to force more cool air to the second level. This can cause the coils to freeze, and the unit may shut down. If you’re trying to balance air levels on floors, never close the registers completely. For proper AC maintenance, always leave the registers at least slightly open. 

Tip 3: Air Filters

Industry experts recommend changing air filters at least every three months for optimum AC maintenance. Dirty air filters will adversely affect a system’s efficiency and can damage interior parts. Keep in mind that in the summer, you may have to change an air filter more frequently because the air conditioner runs a lot more. Changing the air filters on a regular basis will improve indoor air quality and increase the life of the unit. 

Tip 4: Programmable Thermostats

The more an air conditioner is used, the more wear and tear occurs. Programming the thermostat according to temperature, time and day is a great way to reduce an air conditioner’s usage. When away from home, temperatures can be set lower or higher so that the system does not have to work so hard.

Tip 5: Invest in a Service Plan

Investing in a service plan is one of the most valuable tips we can offer Mt. Pleasant residents who care about AC maintenance. These plans are affordable, and industry studies have shown that regular maintenance plans increase a unit’s lifecycle by 30 percent. It’s also a great way for technicians to troubleshoot small problems before larger ones develop. With our service plans, customers are given a discount on both parts and labor. 

Berkeley Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing exceptional ac maintenance in Mt. Pleasant for many years. Our technicians are highly skilled and can maintain, repair and install any HVAC system on the market. At Berkeley Heating and Air Conditioning in Mt. Pleasant, SC, we offer outstanding preventative maintenance plans to keep your system in top-notch condition. We also provide our customers with a list of valuable tips for quality AC maintenance. Proper AC maintenance is important because neglected systems can lose five percent of their efficiency each year without proper upkeep.