How a Zone Controlled Air Conditioning System Can Save You Money

Choosing the best air conditioning system for your Hanahan, South Carolina, home is essential to making sure it feels comfortable. It also helps you achieve greater efficiency and lower energy bills. Read on to learn how a zone controlled AC system can save you money.

What’s a Zone Controlled Air Conditioning System?

A zone controlled air conditioning system utilizes motion-triggered thermostats in each of the rooms in your home. This means when the thermostat senses someone in the room, it’ll adjust the temperature to the desired comfort level. When they leave, it’ll revert to a more energy-efficient temperature.

How Can a Zone Controlled AC System Save You Money?

A zone controlled system can be extremely energy efficient. That’s because it only uses energy when you most need it.

By programming the temperature five to ten degrees higher when you’re out of the room, you’ll save a significant amount on your utility bills each month. The best part of the system is that your home will still maintain a comfortable temperature and your AC won’t have to work harder.

By focusing on controlling the air in the room you’re currently in, your air conditioner will cool the area faster and more completely. As a result, it’ll eliminate hot and cold spots around your home.

You can save additional money on your energy bills by setting temperatures 10 degrees higher in seldom used rooms, such as guest rooms. Zoned air conditioners can also help you avoid the war of the thermostat. Each person can control their room to their ideal temperature.

Find out more about how a zone controlled air conditioning system works and how it can help you save money. Or inquire about having one installed in your home by contacting Berkley Heating and Air Conditioning at 843-277-6030 today. We’re here to help you save money and stay cool all summer long.

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