Improve Cooling Efficiency and Keep Costs Down in Your North Charleston Home

Taking time to improve cooling efficiency will pay you back all summer in lower cooling costs and improved performance for your heat pump or air conditioner. Cooling systems use about half the energy consumed during the summer, but with routine maintenance, you’ll reduce the amount you use.

  • Don’t neglect examining the air filter for the air handler at least once a month. When the filter is covered with dust, the airflow through the system slows down and it takes more energy to cool your home. The airflow throughout the ductwork slows, forcing the system to run longer. Excessive dust inside it can cover the evaporator coil, which retards cooling even more. If enough collects, the evaporator coil may eventually freeze, which can cause the compressor to fail, the most expensive part in cooling systems to replace.
  • Check the outdoor condenser periodically and remove any vegetation that collects around it to improve the airflow. Hosing it off will also knock the dust off the condensing coil inside it.
  • Ask an HVAC contractor to service your cooling system once a year. Maintenance by a pro usually includes a complete inspection of the components, including the ductwork. The technician will clean and adjust the parts, spot small problems while they’re still easy to fix, and check the refrigerant level. A system that operates with too much or too little refrigerant won’t run as efficiently.They’ll tighten the electrical components which will improve cooling efficiency, since tight connections improve the flow of electricity throughout the parts. Another essential part of professional maintenance is checking the airflow and verifying the ductwork is tight. If leaks are present, the technician will seal them with durable adhesives.
  • Use fans to take some of the burden off your cooling system. A ceiling fan can make you feel four degrees cooler and you may be able to turn the thermostat up while achieving the same comfort level.

If you’d like to improve cooling efficiency this summer, contact the pros at Berkeley Heating & Cooling. We’ve provided outstanding HVAC services for North Charleston, Hanahan and Mount Pleasant homeowners since 1958.

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