Kill the Allergens Right Inside Your AC Unit with UV Lamps

Having clean indoor air is important for all homeowners in Hanahan, South Carolina. If any of your family members suffer from asthma or allergies, you need to focus on improving indoor air quality more than others. UV lamps do an amazing job in killing mold and bacteria from the indoor coil of your air conditioning system.

What Are UV Lamps?

UV lamps are ultraviolet light emitting devices that can be installed inside your HVAC unit. Coil sterilization lamps are the most common types of UV lamps. They are “stick-type” lights that can be installed inside the return air duct to sterilize the air handler coil.

How Do They Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Air conditioner filters remove dust particles from the air as it passes through the system. But, some bacteria and microbes may still manage to get through the filter. Further, there might be mold and germs already present inside your AC unit, which may become airborne and sneak into your home. UV lamps kill and prevent the organic growths inside your indoor unit. Additionally, the room air passing through the unit becomes clean from harmful microbes and organisms.

Benefits for Asthma Sufferers

UV lamps reduce the presence of mold, bacteria, VOCs, odors, and most other allergens from your AC system. This brings down the instances of cold, flu, asthma attacks, and other allergic reactions. UV lamps are even more effective in South Carolina’s humid climate, where the evaporator coil in your AC unit gets wet often.

UV lamps also prevent algae growth and reduce the chances of clogging inside the coils. This improves efficiency of your AC system and cuts down the energy cost.

Leave the Installation to HVAC Experts

UV lamps are costly, and poor installation can render the lights completely useless. Make sure you call in an HVAC professional to install them for you. Also remember to supplement the installation with regular HVAC maintenance, filter replacement, and coil cleaning.

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