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Do I Need a Furnace Repair if I Hear These Noises?

February 28, 2023

When the nighttime temperature in Goose Creek, SC, dips into the 50s, 40s or even 30s, you operate a furnace to stay warm inside your house. You must pay attention to its sounds to ensure your heating system runs effectively, efficiently and safely. A quiet furnace is working smoothly. But if you notice your furnace making these noises, you should schedule a repair immediately to prevent further damage and a system replacement:


Banging noises signal that something is wrong with your furnace’s ignition system, which ignites the fuel in the combustion chamber. Gas can build up in the combustion chamber and cause loud banging noises. Since a problem with the ignition system can be dangerous to your family’s safety, it’s best to schedule a furnace repair immediately.


A clogged furnace filter can cause whistling noises. Ideally, you should check the filter in your furnace every month. If it’s dirty, change it. A clean filter will help your furnace operate efficiently and minimize heating costs.


A loose component inside your furnace can cause rattling noises. Your furnace will vibrate and shake as it operates. You should never open your furnace and attempt a DIY repair. Always seek professional assistance to stay safe.


Your furnace has belts that wear down over time. When they require replacing, they’ll start making screeching noises. If you hear screeching noises in your furnace, turn the system off and schedule a repair. It’s an easy fix.

It’s critical to address furnace noises with repairs as soon as you hear them. Ignoring the problem will result in further damage and can risk your family’s health and safety. Contact Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule a furnace repair in Goose Creek, SC, or the surrounding areas. We’re standing by to repair your furnace immediately.

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