3 Reasons to Use an Energy Recovery Ventilator

An energy recovery ventilator recoups energy in a home’s ventilation system that you’d normally waste. It also ventilates air in the home to minimize allergens and other harmful airborne elements. In addition, this particular type of ventilator enhances efficiency and helps reduce utility expenses in your Park Circle, South Carolina, home.

Remove Airborne Allergens

Allergens build up quickly in a home, especially if you have pets. Using an air filtration system can help reduce allergens like pet dander.

When air filters clog, the allergens seep back into the air. This is especially the case in homes that are tightly sealed because allergen particles have nowhere else to go. An energy recovery ventilator pushes this same air out of the home. It then replaces it with outdoor air that goes through a filtration process. As a result, all those trapped allergens ventilate outside of the house and your home’s air feels fresher.

Enhance Energy Efficiency

An energy recovery ventilator enhances efficiency by pre-treating the air before the HVAC system pushes into the home. This pre-treating action reduces the workload on the HVAC unit. As a result, it doesn’t have to operate at full capacity. It also optimizes the unit’s ability to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. All of this translates into less wear and tear on the unit.

Improve Moisture Control

A lack of moisture in the air during the winter can cause the temperature inside your home to feel colder. Turning up the heat can help combat the coldness, but this increases your expenses.

An energy recovery ventilator can add moisture to the air as your HVAC system pushes it into the home, making it easier to heat your house at a moderate temperature. It can also remove moisture from the air during the warmer months; this allows you to cool your home easier.

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