Reduce Spring Allergies with an Air Purifier

April 5, 2013

Allergies can really make the spring months difficult for residents of West Ashley SC. You may be advised to restrict your outdoor activities to limit your symptoms, but this isn’t always effective. Modern construction can amplify allergy issues because of the impermeable¬†sealing installed in new construction. While your home may be well protected from heat loss, it also may be retaining pollutants like pollen and other allergens in heavy concentrations. An efficient air conditioner filter can help, but some residents may benefit even more from the installation of an air purification system.

Choosing Efficient Air Conditioner Filters

A preliminary step in improving your indoor air is selecting a high-efficiency air filter. You should change your filter in the spring so that your system will operate correctly when summer’s heat arrives. However, most homeowners think that all filters are created equally. MERV ratings indicate how efficient your filter will be at removing particulates from the indoor airstream. Look for ratings of up to 12 for use in a residential system. If this doesn’t improve your symptoms, think about scheduling an indoor air quality evaluation with an HVAC professional.

Evaluating Indoor Conditions Before Installing an Air Purification System

Continued issues can be addressed with an air purifier. However, it’s wise to have your air tested so that you know what irritants are present. Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning can take air samples for lab analysis. This will provide you with a better view of the issues affecting your home. Professional involvement in selecting and installing a purifier will also ensure that an appropriate choice is made to coordinate with your current HVAC equipment. Some benefits of having a purification unit include:

  • Multiple purification cycles each hour, providing more complete filtration
  • Filtration of fine particulates and irritants
  • Trap and kill technology, destroying viruses, bacteria and mold

A high-quality system can benefit you throughout the year. Many find the germicidal units to be helpful for limiting the spread of colds or the flu during winter months. Additionally, such a system can improve conditions for those who suffer from allergies.

Mold Problems in Your Air

In addition to pollen and other spring irritants, many allergy sufferers are affected by mold. Humidity in our environment can amplify the issue. There are several steps to consider in keeping mold under control in your home:

  • Schedule spring and fall maintenance so that your coils and condensate pans will be cleaned
  • Inhibit mold growth on your coils by installing a germicidal UV lamp
  • Have your ducts inspected periodically to check for mold
  • Install a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels in your home under control

Mold can damage structural components and decorative items, leading to additional expenses through renovation, repair or replacement of affected items. Moisture control can be accomplished to a small degree with your AC unit, but you don’t want to run your air conditioner all of the time. Moisture can be a year-round issue in our area. One of our representatives can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s allergy and mold issues, recommending appropriate solutions based on your unique needs. Call us to learn more.

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