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5 Signs Your Goose Creek, SC, Furnace Has a Cracked Heat Exchanger

December 10, 2021

Your furnace’s heat exchanger both heats the system’s air and vents the exhaust out of your Goose Greek, SC, home. A crack can be deadly if not detected quickly and resolved. Here are five signs to watch for that your furnace has a cracked heat exchanger:

Rattling Sound

As the heat exchanger warms up when the system first initializes, the metal itself warms up. If there’s a crack in the metal exchanger, the two sides will expand at different rates, causing a rattling sound.

This usually only lasts while the unit is warming up. If a loose part causes the rattling, it’ll continue as long as the system runs.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Goes Off

It’s common knowledge that keeping a working carbon monoxide detector is as important as your smoke detector. What you may not know is that a cracked heat exchanger is a leading source of household carbon monoxide.

If your carbon monoxide detector goes off, get everyone out of your home safely and call for help. Chances are you’ll need to invest in a new furnace installation to keep heating your home safely.

Changes to the Burner Flame

When your heating system is working properly, your burner’s flame should burn a steady blue. If you see a flickering yellow, that means there’s uncontrolled airflow, likely from your heat exchanger. You can check on the burner flame through the observation window.

System Smells Bad

A cracked heat exchanger will often emit a very unpleasant odor, some say it’s akin to formaldehyde. If you notice an unusual smell, be sure to track it down and solve it before it leads to catastrophe.

Soot in Your Furnace

Soot in your furnace, especially in your burn chamber, is a key indicator of the fuel burning incompletely. This is often a side effect of a cracked heat exchanger, and it’s only detectable through routine maintenance.

Don’t let the first signs of a cracked heat exchanger go undetected. Call to schedule your furnace maintenance or repair with the professionals at Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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