3 Signs of HVAC Problems You Should Watch For and Repair Right Away

Air conditioners are designed to operate unnoticed as long as everything works properly. When something goes wrong, your AC system will let you know in some pretty noticeable ways. Here are three signs of HVAC problems that you should watch for in your Charleston, South Carolina, home and repair right away:

Your AC Unit Won’t Turn On

This is potentially one of the most alarming issues you’ll experience. But it’s often an indicator of a relatively minor problem. If you’ve already checked your thermostat to make sure it’s properly set, there may be an issue with the thermostat itself or in the wiring that connects your thermostat to the AC unit. While this is a relatively simple issue to fix, you shouldn’t repair it yourself.

Your AC Unit Isn’t Adequately Cooling

If your AC unit is running but isn’t providing adequate cooling, it could indicate a number of problems. First, you should set any ceiling fans in your home to summer mode. If that doesn’t do the trick and you know your air filter is good, there’s likely something in the ductwork or unit itself that’s restricting airflow.

Your Utility Bill is Higher Than Usual

This is usually an indicator that your AC unit has to work harder than normal to cool your home. You may not notice a difference in temperature. But you can typically trace a higher utility bill back to your unit running longer than it should. This could mean that it in needs a tune-up or other maintenance.

Nobody likes HVAC problems, especially when it means when their air conditioner isn’t working quite right. To make sure your AC system is operating at peak efficiency, contact the professionals at Berkeley Heating and Air Conditioning by calling 843-277-6030. You don’t want to suffer in a hot home because your unit is experiencing a malfunction.

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