Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner in Hanahan, SC

During the hot summers in Hanahan, SC, your air conditioner will work overtime. However, no matter how well you maintain it, there comes a time when you must replace it. Consider the following signs that signal you need a new air conditioner:

Age of the AC System

Do you know the age of your AC system? If not, hire a professional to look at your air conditioner and determine its age. Modern AC systems are designed to last much longer, and they have lower energy requirements that’ll reduce your carbon footprint.

Repair Costs are Frequent and High

As the AC unit grows older, frequent repairs are bound to happen and some primary components will need replacing. When replacing parts becomes a norm, the repair costs will be higher than buying a new AC unit. Thus, getting a new air conditioner will be a smart investment, saving you money and reducing your energy consumption.

Utility Bills Keep Rising

During the summer, it’s normal to spend more on utilities. However, the bills shouldn’t be higher than they were the previous years. Due to wear and tear, the efficiency of the AC system reduces. As a result, you pay higher cooling bills and increase the risk of breakdowns. A new AC system can help you avoid both issues.

Unusual Noises

An efficient and well-maintained AC system operates quietly. Loud banging signals a broken part, while screeching indicates motor problems. However, if the noises recur after a series of repairs, you’ll need a new air conditioner.

The easiest way to find out when to replace your AC unit is to consult with the pros at Berkeley Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ll also explain your replacement options and complete the installation job. Call today if you’re ready to upgrade your cooling system.

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