Size Matters: HVAC System Sizing and Home Comfort

Size doesn’t matter, right? While it’s true that size isn’t an important factor in many cases, homeowners in Charleston, South Carolina, should certainly consider size when it comes to their HVAC systems. If you install an HVAC system that isn’t properly sized for your home, you’ll experience discomfort, inefficiency and high utility costs.

Why Does HVAC System Size Matter?

Your living space has nuance to it: the curve of the walls, the shape of the floors and the angle of the ceiling. These factors aren’t just aesthetic; they also play a role in how you heat and cool your home.

Those shapes, angles and areas make up what HVAC service technicians refer to as your home’s load requirement. Load requirements refer to the amount of heating and cooling needed to maintain comfort in that space. A well-sized HVAC system meets the load requirement of a space without being too big or small.

HVAC System Size and Home Comfort

But does the size really matter that much? What’s wrong with installing a system that’s larger than the load requirement dictates to ensure coziness throughout the winter?

An HVAC system that is too large will heat up the home quickly, but it will spend most of its operating time in its startup cycle. This results in short cycling.

Short cycling leads to inefficiency and strain on the system, making it less able to maintain comfort. Systems that are too small for the space will waste all their energy attempting to maintain comfort without doing so.

Don’t let an improperly sized system prevent you from feeling comfortable. To ensure your system is properly sized for your home, call Berkeley Heating and Air Conditioning at 843-277-6030.

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