3 Steps to Better Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining healthy indoor air quality isn’t always a priority. But poor indoor air quality can lead to headaches, congestion, fatigue and other unpleasant symptoms. Keep pesky pollutants out of your Hanahan, South Carolina, home with these smart strategies for promoting fresher and cleaner air:

Change Your Air Filter

You should change the air filter in your HVAC system every season. If you have a relatively clean home and minimal irritants, making this swap once every three months is typically sufficient.

If you have pets and children, or you notice ample dust in the house, you may need to increase the frequency of your filter changes. This is also true if you or someone in your household suffers from asthma and allergies. A clean filter will give you fresher, more breathable air throughout the house.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Modern technology can help you improve your air quality in a number of ways. If your standard filter isn’t getting the job done, consider installing a whole-home air cleaner. This will capture a larger number of pollutants and filter out smaller particles than your average air filter.

A UV lamp can help improve air quality in your home as well. This kills microbial growth before it has a chance to spread through your home via the air. If you’re struggling with a stale feeling in the house, consider a ventilator to improve air quality. This will help send old air out of the house while pulling fresh, clean air in.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Though it’s easy to overlook, regular HVAC maintenance is critical for your indoor air quality. During annual tune-ups, a service technician will thoroughly clean the inside of your furnace or air conditioning system, removing dust and irritants from the areas you can’t easily reach. Regular maintenance will also help your system operate more efficiently. As a result, you can cut back on your energy bills and enjoy fewer repair costs.

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