The Importance of Air Condition Repair in Hanahan

Air conditioner repair in Hanahan, NC is required from time to time. Berkeley Heating and Air Conditioning can provide air condition repair to any make or model of HVAC system you have. They are ready every day of the year, any time day or night. They would like to offer the following advice regarding air condition repair of your home’s system.

The most common air condition repair call is for flooding from a clogged drain tube. The evaporator coils carry cooled refrigerant. The heat from the indoor air travels into the refrigerant in the coils, causing condensation. This drips into the drain pan and is pumped out of the house through the drain. Mold and algae can grow in the moist, warm environment. The drain eventually clogs and water back flows into the house. This can be prevented with bleach poured into the drain every month. It only takes a cup or two. If your unit’s drain tube does not have a port that you can pour bleach into, an HVAC technician can install one.

Condensation can form on ducting that is missing insulation. This moisture provides an environment for mold and rot. Insects and rodents are attracted to rotting wood. In the winter, heat is lost to the cold attic. In the summer, heat from the hot attic infiltrates into the ducting system. Having the insulation repaired prevents these problems. Inspecting and cleaning the ducts also prevents dust, bacteria and other debris from blowing into the house and causing problems.

Changing or cleaning the filter every month will help your system draw air in freely. A clogged filter causes the system to strain and overwork. The motor and other parts can wear out prematurely. This is an expensive air condition repair. If your system has filters in the grilles, they need to be changed or cleaned as well.

If you have a mercury switch thermometer, check it periodically against and indoor or digital thermometer. The readings should match. Installing a digital thermostat will save money by more accurately controlling the indoor temperature. Depending on the cost of the unit and the temperature setting, the savings could pay for the unit in the first or second month.

Hanahan, NC, homeowners can help the outside condensing unit run smoothly by keeping the unit and surrounding area free of debris. Building a shade pergola, box or awning will help the motor run cooler in the summer. The motor will not need to work as hard or use as much energy. If any aluminum fins are bent, a fin comb will straighten them. Air needs to flow freely from the unit. A fan blows air over the evaporator coils to cool the heated refrigerant coming from the house’s evaporator unit. The belts should be unobstructed and free from cracks.

If a unit is too old or worn out to be repaired, a new energy efficient model should be considered. There are many new technologies for HVAC systems on the market today. Berkeley Heating and Air Conditioning can repair or maintain the unit you have or help you choose a new replacement right for your home and budget.