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4 Tips for Making Your Furnace Last Longer

January 15, 2023

Your usage behavior determines how long your furnace will serve you. If you take good care of your system, it’ll serve you for long. If not, it won’t. Here are some tips for making a furnace last longer in Mount Pleasant, SC:

Change Your Air Filter

Your furnace filter ensures you enjoy good indoor air quality by trapping harmful contaminants. These pollutants can cause headaches, sleeping problems and trigger respiratory illnesses. The filter also prevents these contaminants from clogging your furnace’s components.

If the contaminants were to accumulate on your furnace’s parts, they would cause it to run for too long. Your furnace components wear out more when the system runs for an extended period. Therefore, changing your air filter comes in handy to reduce your system components’ wear and tear.

Improve Insulation

Your furnace will continue running if the indoor temperatures fail to reach the thermostat requirements. Poor insulation results in loss of heated air. Consequently, your system runs continuously to compensate for the lost heated air.

By improving your home’s insulation, you reduce the furnace’s workload, increasing its lifespan. You can explore caulking and weatherstripping to seal any cracks and openings in your home.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Your furnace requires regular tuneups to continue running smoothly. A service technician should inspect the gas line, check for any carbon dioxide leaks, lubricate moving parts and check the electrical connections during the maintenance visit.

They will also clean any dirty components since dirt lowers your system’s efficiency. In addition, a technician may spot faulty parts and fix them early enough before they turn into expensive repairs.

Check Your Vents

Vents allow heated air from the furnace to enter your home. Dirt may accumulate on these structures with time, limiting proper airflow. In addition, you may block these structures with your furniture without your knowledge.

The furnace may not achieve the thermostat’s requirements if sufficient heated air doesn’t get into your home. Your furnace runs constantly to fulfill your heating demands.

Contact Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning this winter for all your heating needs. Our service technicians will apply the skills, knowledge and experience accumulated over the years to ensure you are warm and comfortable.

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