Enjoying Lower Cooling Costs

Tips for Reducing Cooling Costs This Summer in Goose Creek, SC

May 18, 2022

If you live in Goose Creek, SC, you’re likely familiar with high cooling costs in summer. When the temperatures rise, your electric bill is likely to increase because your air conditioner will be working harder. Check out these ways of lowering cooling costs while keeping your home comfortable:

Use the AC System Economically

It’s wise to run your AC system economically if you want to lower cooling costs. You can keep the air conditioner set to around 78 degrees and raise the thermostat setting when you aren’t home. For every degree higher, you can save up to 3% on your cooling bills.

Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

When you hire a service technician for routine AC maintenance, it keeps the system performing efficiently. Regular maintenance entails inspecting components of your AC system for damage and wear and tear, resulting in prompt air conditioner repairs. Keep your AC system in the best possible shape to prevent overworking, which increases cooling costs.

Seal Your Home

Drafts allow outdoor air to enter your home, making it harder for the AC system to cool the space. Hire a professional to inspect your home for drafts and seal them. Caulking windows and doors also prevents outdoor air from entering the house.

Install a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

A programmable thermostat helps reduce cooling costs while keeping your home comfortable. If no one is home during the day, you can set it to cool minimally and make the temperature more comfortable right before you return.

Smart thermostats sense when no one is at home and adjust the temperatures accordingly. They also let you use Wi-Fi to control your thermostat from your smartphone, and they keep track of your energy consumption and let you know how effective your AC system is operating.

Use Energy-Efficient Window Screens

Mesh window screens decrease the amount of heat from the sun that enters your home. The screens can disperse the sun’s rays through the windows, lowering cooling costs. It may be time to consider installing energy-efficient window screens to reduce cooling costs this summer.

These are some practical ways of lowering cooling costs in summer. The tips will help you and your family stay comfortable throughout the hot months. Call our team at Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment for air conditioning repair or installation services.

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