Top 3 Energy-Saving Tips for Fall

As temperatures continue to drop in Charleston, South Carolina, you’ll likely use your heater to stay warm. Cranking the heat up in fall can drive up your utility bills, though. Below are three energy-saving tips that can help you minimize how much you spend to heat your home.

Keep Your Thermostat at 68 Degrees or Below

Regulating your indoor temperature is one of the most effective ways to save energy. According to the Department of Energy, you can lower your heating costs by up to 10 percent if you turn your thermostat down 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours every day.

To gain more energy savings, avoid setting your thermostat above 68 degrees. Raise the temperature when you’re at home and lower it when you leave for work or go to bed. You can make the task of managing your home’s temperature easier by installing a smart thermostat.

Use Ceiling Fans to Push Warm Air Downward

Ceiling fans are commonly used to cool indoor spaces during the hot summer months. However, some homeowners are unaware that they can also use ceiling fans to keep their homes warm during fall and winter. All you need to do is set your fans to run clockwise. Doing so will cause them to push warm air downward. As a result, they will help you feel warmer without cranking up the heater.

Change Your Heater’s Air Filter Regularly

The filter in your heater can become clogged as it accumulates dirt, dust and debris over time. If left unattended, this problem can lead to increased strain on your equipment, which causes it to use more energy to heat your home. If you want your heating system to operate at peak performance and efficiency, you should replace your filter once a month. As a result, you’ll also promote better indoor air quality.

Following these energy-saving tips also ensures that your HVAC system won’t have to work too hard to keep your home warm, which can reduce wear and tear and extend its service life. If you’re looking for top-quality HVAC services, contact Berkeley Heating and Air Conditioning at 843-277-6030.

Image provided by iStock