Commercial HVAC

Understanding Commercial HVAC Loads in Hanahan, SC

May 18, 2023

An HVAC load determines the amount of heating or cooling your commercial building needs to maintain temperatures at your preferred levels. Different premises have varying HVAC loads, and multiple factors influence a building’s heating and cooling needs. Here’s everything you need to understand about commercial HVAC loads in Hanahan, SC:

Factors Influencing an HVAC Load

Your building’s heating and cooling needs depend on factors such as the number of doors and windows in the premises and the insulation in the building. More factors include the size of the building, the direction your building faces and the heat-generating appliances in your building.

What Are HVAC Load Calculations?

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America develops manuals to guide HVAC service technicians in calculating a building’s HVAC load. These calculations accurately determine how much heating or cooling your building needs and take into consideration all the factors influencing a building’s HVAC load.

Why HVAC Load Calculations Matter

A wrongly sized commercial HVAC system has high operational costs and fails to regulate temperatures efficiently. For instance, your energy bill will increase when you install an oversized system because it’ll often short-cycle and draw more electricity. The system also breaks down frequently due to the increased strain on its components.

In addition, it fails to control humidity levels efficiently, promoting the growth of biological contaminants in the building. These contaminants trigger poor indoor air quality symptoms, affecting workers’ concentration. You will also pay more repair and energy costs when you install an undersized system because it runs continuously, consuming more energy and increasing the strain on its components.

HVAC load calculations help you choose a commercial HVAC system that matches your building’s temperature regulation needs. A correctly sized system regulates indoor humidity and temperatures efficiently. This helps to create a comfortable working environment for your workers, boosting their productivity.

Contact Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning for exceptional HVAC services. Our service technicians have enough experience and expertise to determine your home’s heating or cooling requirements accurately.

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