Ventilation Techniques That Keep the Temperature Down

You look forward to consistent and comfortable temperatures in your Mount Pleasant home without having to watch your energy bill increase. It’s not impossible to achieve the best of both worlds with simple ventilation techniques that help to keep you cool and save energy.

Natural Ventilation

As we are approaching the end of summer, there are many days that are comfortable enough that we can reduce our reliance on the air conditioning system. When outdoor temperatures aren’t too hot, open windows and let in fresh air. Natural ventilation uses the stack effect to cool a home. Warm air rises and leaves your home via openings such as windows or doors, and cool air moves in as well. Take advantage of cooler evening and morning hours to cool your home and save on air conditioning costs.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans don’t change the temperature of a room; they use the wind chill effect to make you feel cooler. As air blows across the skin, moisture is removed more quickly, which is how our bodies cool down. Make sure your ceiling fan blades are spinning in a counterclockwise direction for a cooling effect. Only run the ceiling fan when the room is occupied, in order to save energy.

Whole House Fans

Whole house fans are mechanical ventilation systems installed in the ceiling. They pull fresh air in through windows and exhaust the air through vents in the roof and attic. These systems offer a few advantages to other home ventilation and air conditioning options:

  • Whole house fans use very little energy, and certainly use less energy than central air conditioners.
  • You can use a programmable digital timer with a whole house fan for convenience and automatic home ventilation.
  • Whole house fans can be combined with other fans for an even more powerful cooling effect.

Windows must be opened to prevent backdrafts. Be sure you fully understand all that is involved in operating whole house fans before installing them in your home.

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