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4 Ways AC Maintenance Will Save You Money This Cooling Season

March 20, 2021

Summers in Mount Pleasant, SC, are sweltering. Air conditioner maintenance is the best way to keep your home cool and comfortable. Keeping up with annual AC tuneups will also save you money. Read on to learn about four ways AC maintenance will keep more money in your bank account this cooling season.

Boost Energy Efficiency

A well-maintained air conditioner uses about 15% less energy. Replacing a dirty air filter alone can lower your electricity bills by up to 15%. Our service technicians do this during every maintenance visit. We can also show you how to do it between visits. This will help you maintain high energy efficiency.

Reduce Tinkering With the Thermostat

AC maintenance ensures that the system will deliver better temperature and humidity control. When the humidity in your home stays between 30% and 50%, you feel cooler. The maintenance optimizes airflow, so the cool air reaches all of your living spaces. As a result, you’ll be less likely to lower the thermostat. A smaller workload on the air conditioner decreases your energy bills.

Prevent a Surprise Breakdown

Nobody wants an air conditioner breakdown during a summer heat wave. During a routine AC maintenance visit, our skilled service technicians inspect every system component. They identify any parts with excessive wear and tear that might fail soon. We’ll let you know and give you the option to have us replace those parts. Doing so could prevent an unexpected system breakdown and costly repair later in the summer.

Avoid a Premature Replacement

Keeping up with AC maintenance extends the lifespan of your cooling system. The typical air conditioner lifespan is about 12 years. A new air conditioner is a big investment, and not having to replace it earlier than necessary will save you thousands of dollars.

One annual AC maintenance visit keeps your cooling system in tip-top shape. You’ll save money on utility costs, prevent pricey repairs and extend your cooling system’s lifespan. To learn more, get in touch with us at Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning.

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