AC System Costing More

3 Ways Your AC System Could Be Costing You More

August 3, 2022

As the warm season continues, you probably need your air conditioner more than ever. Unfortunately, there are times when your system consumes more energy than it should or even requires frequent AC repairs. Here are three ways your AC system in Goose Creek, SC, costs you more to run:

Clogged Filter

Your AC system’s filter protects you from respiratory irritations by trapping contaminants in the air circulating in your house. Before air gets into your AC system for cooling, the filter catches these pollutants, including pollen, dust and pet dander.

The filter becomes clogged over time, affecting your air conditioner’s ability to draw in air from your home. As a result, the AC system will consume more energy trying to pull air through the filter.

Dirty Coils

Your AC system contains condenser and evaporator coils that work collaboratively to cool your home. The evaporator coil absorbs the heat from your indoor air and relays the heat to the condenser coil through a refrigerant. The condenser coil releases this heat outdoors, and the system recirculates the cooled air into your home.

Dirt and debris may accumulate on these AC components, interfering with their functions. Consequently, your air conditioning system may need to run longer to meet your cooling needs. The longer it runs, the more your energy bill increases, and the chances of breaking down increase too.

Aging AC System

Like most machines, your air conditioner cannot serve you efficiently forever. After some years, its performance will drop.

Your AC system may start blowing warm air or running continuously to achieve your cooling needs. The parts may wear out and require frequent air conditioner repairs, costing you more to maintain the unit.

Contact Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning if you’ve been looking for expert air conditioning services in the Goose Creek, SC, area. We find satisfaction in taking care of our clients’ systems to ensure that their air conditioners serve them for a long time.

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