3 Ways to Improve Efficiency With Your Smartphone

Every household in Charleston, South Carolina, wants to reduce energy consumption and lower its utility bill. You can increase the life of your HVAC unit, increase its efficiency and save on your utility bill by making some simple adjustments. Here are three smartphone apps you can install to help you make those adjustments and improve efficiency:


This Green Button app uses the Green Button database created for utility companies to capture and store energy consumption records.

If you’re looking for targeted ways to improve your carbon footprint, the Kill-Ur-Watts app can help. Pinpoint energy consumption hourly, daily, and monthly to see times where and when your use is the highest. View your projected yearly cost so that you can make a plan to reduce it. You can monitor activities and appliances to find the energy.

This app also allows you to connect to your social media accounts so that you can challenge your friends to reduce their energy consumption as well. When most people know better, they do better.

Seek Thermal

Whether you’re preparing your home for the frigid winter months or the sweltering summer days, you can’t make changes until you identify the problem areas. The Seek Thermal app uses infrared technology to uncover the drafty areas in your home. You can then make necessary repairs to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Investing in a geothermal HVAC system is a great way to reduce your energy usage. You can use the MyEarth app with your geothermal HVAC system to make daily adjustments to reduce your energy consumption even more.

Record your energy consumption daily, and the app will make suggestions to improve your conservation. It also encourages you by displaying a cute image of a polar bear that grows as your energy conservation increases.

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Image provided by Shutterstock