Where Are the Best Places to Install Your Split AC Unit?

A traditional split-system central air conditioner consists of two main parts — the indoor or air handler unit (AHU) and the outdoor or compressor/condenser unit. Learning more about the best places to install your split AC unit can help you to enjoy greater comfort, reliability and energy efficiency when making a new equipment purchase for your Hanahan home.

Indoor Unit

The indoor air handler unit contains the evaporator coil and blower assembly responsible for extracting heat and humidity and distributing conditioned air. To avoid the need for long ducting that can reduce efficiency, the air handler is best installed as close to the center of the home as possible.

Two common installation choices are a utility closet inside the house or a well-sealed equipment room in the garage. Some homeowners have the AHU placed in the attic, but it is not an ideal choice for several reasons. An attic is prone to extreme heat buildup, and there is a risk of ceiling damage from condensate overflows or condensation. It is also more difficult to access the unit when it is time for even simple filter changes, and can make routine maintenance or needed repair work more difficult.

Outdoor Unit

The outdoor AC unit contains the compressor pump and condenser coil and is often placed on the roof or on a concrete slab next to the house. Depending on your location, hurricane straps can be used to anchor the unit to a concrete pad in order to withstand very high winds. It is important to consider placing the unit so that it does not receive direct sunlight, which can also increase your AC’s workload.

Airflow is critical for the condenser/compressor unit to perform the tasks of pumping refrigerant through the system and expelling captured heat into the outside air, so it needs to be installed in an open location with ample clearance. There should be two to three feet of space on each side, and at least five feet above the unit.

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