Why does my Furnace Turn On and Off?

February 22, 2013

New homeowners may wonder about the function of important household systems and equipment. Your furnace is an important component, contributing to both comfort and air quality during a chilly winter in Mount Pleasant, SC. It’s easy to turn it on when it’s cold, but recognizing problems can be a bit more difficult. 

One of the most commonly noticed problems with a furnace in Mount Pleasant, SC is that of short cycling. A furnace that turns on and off quickly without really heating is said to be short cycling. There are many factors that can contribute to this process, and it’s important to pinpoint the source of the problem quickly to return the system to correct function.

First Steps in Evaluating Your Short Cycle Issues

Our experts at Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning can work quickly and effectively to troubleshoot your furnace. However, there are some cases that don’t require a service call. Before you contact us, you will want to evaluate these issues.

Check your air filter first. A clogged filter can hinder airflow, and this is a primary cause of short cycle problems. A filter change may remedy your situation rather easily. There are other system issues that can cause a restricted airflow. These include:

  1. Blockages in your ducts
  2. Obstructions over vents
  3. Buildup of dirt and debris on air conditioning coils

You can check your vents and the openings of your ducts for obstructions. If you don’t notice any visible issues, you may need a professional to diagnose the system. However, you should also inspect your thermostat.

Thermostat Problems and Short Cycling

Your thermostat directs the action of your home comfort system. It registers the temperature in its location and determines when heat is needed. A draft in the area can cause a fluctuation in temperature readings near the thermostat, causing it to interpret the need for heat more frequently. It’s important that your thermostat be located in an area that is free of drafts and potential temperature fluctuations.

A battery-operated thermostat can begin to send incorrect signals if the battery is weak. You may notice that the heating system operates too long. You might also find that your unit begins to short cycle. A new battery may solve your problems. If neither visible blockage nor battery changing remedies the issue of short cycling, it’s time to contact us at Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning.

Internal System Issues and Furnace Malfunction

There are many components of your heater that can lead to the on and off action. Your home won’t heat properly until the situation is corrected. The potential problems could relate to venting, flame rods or heat exchangers. The assistance of an HVAC professional will ensure that the problem is correctly diagnosed and repaired. Our technicians use the right tools and parts for the job, understanding that your family’s comfort depends on our accuracy and efficiency. Contact us to discuss your concerns. 

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