Why is My Furnace in Goose Creek, SC, Leaking Water?

A furnace can help you keep your living space warm and even enhance its air quality. It can be extremely frustrating to notice issues with your heating system. If your furnace in Goose Creek, SC, is leaking water, there are a handful of things that may be the reason for it. Read on to learn more.


Condensation is often the reason for furnace water leakages. It pops up during the heat exchange process. Furnaces typically have condensate lines and drain taps that securely manage condensed water.

Obstructions can sometimes bring on the persistent and noticeable leakage of water. Since leakage can cause water damage, you have to address it immediately. Otherwise, you risk the financial burden of paying to not only repair the problem but also replace your property.

Drain Pan Cracking

An evaporator coil that’s not operating in the correct manner can be a huge headache. It can lead to the presence of condensation that leaks straight onto a pan that handles draining via a pipe. If this specific pan has any cracking, the water will trickle down the interior of your existing unit. This can result in water damage quickly.

Leaky Humidifier

Have you attached a humidifier to your heating system? It’s a great way to add moisture to your indoor air when the temperature drops and the air gets drier. Humidifiers operate with a constant flow of water inside them. While humidifiers are reliable pieces of HVAC equipment, they can sometimes clog and leak. This can cause you to assume that your furnace is leaking.

Don’t let a leaking furnace impact your comfort and cause costly damage. Seek professional help right away. Call the helpful and accommodating team at Berkeley Heating and Air Conditioning to take care of any and all of your furnace leakage troubles in Goose Creek, SC.

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